Attic Ventilation Services

Start saving money today with attic ventilation services provided by Vent Tech, PowerventQuality service, Quality installation, Quality Care. Is it difficult to keep your house cool in the summer? Does your air conditioner seem to run constantly? Is your electric bill higher than it should be through the summer months? If so, it is time for you to properly ventilate your attic. Vent Tech offers the best attic ventilation services in the DFW area. You can trust that our number one priority is to save our customers money.Windturbine

There are several ways to increase the efficiency of your air conditioner. One of the best ways is to ventilate your attic space. If your attic space is cooler, then it will be easier to cool your living space. One key to proper ventilation is to have plenty of soffit ventilation under the eve of your home. Proper ventilation at the ridge of the roof is a must to create a natural air flow for the heat to rise and escape. Some of your ventilation options include:

  • Stationary vents (air hocks) – Least effective
  • Wind turbines – Moderate effectiveness

Motorized power vents – Powered by electricity and triggered by an adjustable thermostat in the attic. Power vents are by far the most effective.

A well balanced attic ventilation system is a must for an efficient approach to energy savings. With Vent Tech’s attic ventilation services, you will receive quality service as it pertains to proper attic ventilation. Contact Us Today!

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