Makeup Air

Why the need for makeup air? Home builders are making houses more air tight every day. The more air tight a house is the more risk of creating a negative air pressure when exhausting air from the house. The main appliance causing issues is the kitchen vent hood. Many of the hoods installed today are high powered hoods up to 1600 cfm. (cubic feet per minute is the measurement of air exhausted by the vent hood) There are new residential codes put in place now that are designed to prevent this from happening. Click to read making sense of makeup air

What does the makeup air code say?

Any city enforcing the IRC 2009 code or newer will be affected. The code (M1503.4) states that any hood exceeding 400 cfm should provide makeup air. The makeup air duct must be equivilent to vent hood duct size and have a motorized damper that works simultaneously with the vent hood.

What is the solution?

We have an affordable and effective system that meets code and will work with any brand or model of vent hood. It has an inline switch installed in the vent hood duct that controls a motorized damper installed in the makeup air duct. We have worked very hard with the home builders and city inspectors to be one of the first contractors to offer a solution to this problem.

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