Vent Hood Services

Vent Hood Services, Decorative Styles and Designs. Immaculate vent hoods, provided by your local vent experts. Vent Tech offers top of the line vent hood services that will exceed your expectations. With Vent Tech, you only receive the best. We can furnish and install hoods ranging from simple under the cabinet style, to custom wall mounts and island hoods. No matter the situation, Vent Tech provides its customers with the most decorative designs and styles.

The most common hoods are mounted at the bottom of the cabinet, directly over the cook top. The vent runs from the top of the hood, through the cabinet and to the outside of the house. The space saver microwave is a very popular under-the-cabinet hood that eliminates the microwave from the counter top. Trust Vent Tech to provide the most affordable vent hood services in the DFW area.

Similar vent hoods include wall mounts that are very popular amongst custom homes. Most wall mounts provide attractive styles, unique designs and solutions that meet the needs of our customers. The hood is mounted directly to the wall, which gives added countertop space.

The hood liner or hood insert is used to cover the vent hood. This could be made of wood, sheetrock or any number of decorative metals such as copper or brass. The hood liner is mounted inside the decorative shell and vented similar if not identical to other hoods.

If the cooktop happens to be located on a kitchen island the vent hood is mounted to the ceiling directly above the cooktop. This hood is referred to as an island hood. The vent is run through the ceiling and to the outside of your home. Blowers are installed to help the flow of air through the vents.

Vent Tech provides installation of three different blowers. An inside blower which is mounted inside the hood, an in-line blower which is mounted in the attic or an exterior blower which is mounted on the roof or on the outside wall of your home. There are many different models which vary in price and power.

Contact Vent Tech today and start receiving the best vent hood services in the Dallas / Fort Worth Area.

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